Monthly Archives: October 2013

A short, sweet melody

You were unexpected, indefinitely,
A tune that I didn’t plan to write,
A song that I never knew I would sing,
That ended up as a sweet short melody.

But now you’re just broken,
With unfinished lyrics,
Not even ending with a ‘Goodbye’,
That I definitely didn’t want to say.

I would like to finish this song,
Knowing that I would never sing it again,
But you’re gone, like burned notes
Burning slowly, one note after another.

All I was looking forward to,
Was fun, that turned into company,
The company that turned into desire,
The desire that turned into a sin.

And now the song has ended, with a silent goodbye.
An accidental start, has ended like how it began.



The Worst Goodbye

Hanging by a thread that you don’t even know
It is just a cut away..

They would whisper goodbye from afar
When you are still smiling at them
They would wave goodbye
When you turn your back on them
They would be ready to walk away
And you would never get to say goodbye

Why didn’t they tell you
Why didn’t they give you any sign
Why didn’t you catch on
Why didn’t you see it in their eyes

The discreet, silent, unspoken goodbye.



We cry, we do.
But what are tears without the ones of joy?
We might be lost at the moment,
But when we start to see what we are chasing and working for,
We run for it!



Sometimes we get lost for a moment,
Thinking that what we’re reaching for is a distant dream.
We might think that we’ve been dreaming along with memories,
And the dream of the future is out of sight,
No where to be seen, at the moment.