A short, sweet melody

You were unexpected, indefinitely,
A tune that I didn’t plan to write,
A song that I never knew I would sing,
That ended up as a sweet short melody.

But now you’re just broken,
With unfinished lyrics,
Not even ending with a ‘Goodbye’,
That I definitely didn’t want to say.

I would like to finish this song,
Knowing that I would never sing it again,
But you’re gone, like burned notes
Burning slowly, one note after another.

All I was looking forward to,
Was fun, that turned into company,
The company that turned into desire,
The desire that turned into a sin.

And now the song has ended, with a silent goodbye.
An accidental start, has ended like how it began.



About Yen Leong

Indecisive Compulsive Disorder is what I have and it’s getting serious! Not to mention OCD, I’m an organized mess(er). I’m fickled minded and easily bored. A (super) procrastinator, an excusaholic and a carb-nivor.

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