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Take your sweet time, but for how long?

She went, He came, They met

She smiled and, He smiled too

She asked, “Excuse me, do you remember……?”

He answered, “Yea…..err not really, sorry.”

Both laughed.

Then, he remembered and she slowly did too.

It was a long time ago, younger days.

Now he got taller, she got even taller but they didn’t change much.

Same hair for her, same walk for him.

She said bye, he said wait.

Not long after, were the random how-was-your-days.

Then the goodnights.

Then here comes the wanna-meet-up?

And of course there goes the i’ll-see-you-again.

It went on like a cycle, that looks good isn’t it?

And then she has the freak-outs.

Not again, she thought.

She needed to breathe.

Then it would all be okay, for now.

He’s sweet, he’s nice, he’s wonderful, she knows.

But is he patient, she wonders.

She’s not the usual one, she’s fickle minded.

Some say she’s not responsive, it could be true.

Some say she’s too defensive, it might be true.

Some say she’s too protective of herself, is she?

I’m just taking my own sweet time, she thought.

Sometimes she would like it, and wants magic to happen.

At times, she would find it too close, too fast.

She would have the cold feet and runaway.

Then she would come back, unafraid and face her fear.

Wait, fear? What fear?

She doesn’t know, what fear, why is there fear?

It’s something new, for her.

She doesn’t know how to embrace it.

It’s like touching the beautiful calm water on the surface yet not knowing what’s underneath.

Wait, isn’t this what she has been waiting for?

She was.

So what is it then.

“You said you would close your eyes and fall, this time.”