Walking, Alone.

Walking, Alone.

I miss those days when I just feel like, walking alone.
Back in Sheffield, back in the summer of 2013.
I don’t confine myself in the room,
It somehow felt suffocating.

At times like this, like today,
I just want to be alone.
No reason why.
I don’t feel like talking to anyone,
Not to be seen by anyone,
I don’t want to be found,
I just want to, disappear.

And Sheffield was the perfect place,
Where I could almost, disappear.
I could go under the radar,
Whenever I wanted to,
Whenever I needed to.

The wind would blow into my face,
As I took each step,
In a familiar stranger’s land.
Let the music carried me,
As I drown in my thoughts.

I was dwelling in it,
Drowning in my own loneliness.
I secretly enjoyed it,
Lovin’ it.

My misery was quite, suffocating,
But as odd as it was,
It was somehow,
An escape.
And I vanished.

I would shut everyone out,
Turned off my phone,
Stayed in the school building alone,
With no one in sight.

The air was silent and cold,
I was in my Gap,
And typing away,
Yet doing nothing.
I would spend the entire day alone.

I would take a longer route home,
And picked the quietest road,
With lesser cars,
Lesser people.
I didn’t want anyone to see me.
Not even strangers.

I took every step in the slowest pace.
I could finally hear myself think.

At times,
It would be the wonderful greens,
If not the quiet routes.

I just wanted to go for a run around.
And my feet brought me to,
Norfolk Park.
Very few people was in sight,
To my delight.

It felt like,
I was alone in the world.
No one could ever find me,
In my new hiding place.

I could hear the leaves rustle,
As the wind blew.
I could hear my shoes,
On the stones and twigs.
If there was a song,
Peaceful would be it.

At last,
I found a spot.
I laid there.
The trees looked beautiful,
Swaying and dancing to the wind.
The cold wind gently,
Caress my skin.
The smell of grass.
I wanted to stay here longer,
For a moment, maybe forever?

If only time would stop,
This could be it,
I thought.



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