I Gave In To The Ghosts In My Head

I finally gave in to the ghosts in my head.

And burned yet another bridge unintentionally.

Its gone now.

Way to go Yen Leong!

People like me deserves to be alone.

A person who rejects happiness and blames the whole world but myself for the decisions I made.

Who gives excuses than facing the truth.

Who is afraid of everything.

A coward who will never be prepared for anything.

How many people should I let down to let reality hit me in the face?

I felt horrible.

I’ve never seen such hurt in a person’s eyes.

What have I done?

But I know it has to be done.

Because he deserves someone better than me.

Let him go.




About Yen Leong

Indecisive Compulsive Disorder is what I have and it’s getting serious! Not to mention OCD, I’m an organized mess(er). I’m fickled minded and easily bored. A (super) procrastinator, an excusaholic and a carb-nivor.

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  1. hey dear.didnt know that you have to deal with this kinda thing too. Anyway.smile ! and thanks for sharing! muackss


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