Because Songs Speak Louder

How is he doing

I wonder

Not much, I see

But a few songs that he shared

Listening intently to them now

Every word of the lyrics

Speaks for him

I’m finally getting a glimpse of what he was thinking

I’m not sure how to feel

Because it’s all about me

After a couple of months of suppressing

I guess he’s finally letting it out

Letting it go

I’ve always felt sorry

And still am

Sorry for walking in and out of your life

Whenever I want to

But I know

It’s better than to stay

Because it would cut deeper

For you and I


About Yen Leong

Indecisive Compulsive Disorder is what I have and it’s getting serious! Not to mention OCD, I’m an organized mess(er). I’m fickled minded and easily bored. A (super) procrastinator, an excusaholic and a carb-nivor.

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